Friday, June 7, 2013

Singapore FHM Models 2012 Winner Jamie Ang Leaked Nude Photos (100 pics)

So, apparently Singapore FHM Models 2012 contest winner Jamie Ang has found herself in the middle of a leaked nude pictures scandal. Jamie Ang is a very popular Singaporean model and pageant queen who was featured on the cover of FHM Singapore August 2012 issue. She is one of the top up and coming models from the Asian city-state. Jamie Ang is a 23 year-old model and beauty queen from Singapore with her very own unofficial fan club website "set up by fans for her fans." Jamie Ang has won Miss Singapore Commonwealth, as well as FHM Model 2012 and is clearly a very talented woman who is on the rise. She was in the FHM Model 2012 Top 10 contest and now there are naked images of her circulating on the Internet that were taken two years before. The nude pictures started to leak only several weeks but as only recent started to get full attention.  

The photos have been exposed on local Singaporean web-forums and other websites over the past several days but taken down after legal action was threatened. We are not sure on what grounds the lawsuits would be filed against these sites, but the threats seem to be working. Emails were sent to the Singaporean websites threatening the matter will also be brought to the attention of Singapore Police Force. Jamie is seen fully naked in these leaked nude pictures and in some of the pics she is seen holding a peeled banana near her shaved pussy while posing for the camera. A few of the nude pics appear to of a personal nature while the majority appear to be from professional photo shoots with the photographer's name appearing on the corner of the images. 

There are approximately 6 sets of leaked nude photographs and indications of an addition 2 sets, so maybe there are a lot more. Also the 6 sets that were leaked are believed to be incomplete. We cannot say where exactly these nude pictures were taken however some of the images does appear to have been taken in Singapore. And we can say with some certainly that one of the sets was taken on May 19, 2010 at 8:47 PM to 8:54 PM. The pictures are believed to have been taken when she was 19 to 20 year old or only 2 years before her rise to fame. Since the leak, Jamie Ang has removed her Facebook page. Anyway, some of these naked pictures are quite intimate and very closeup. But the most interesting picture is the one with Jamie appear to be holding a banana near her vagina. We know the banana picture have been circulating on the web for sometime now because received it back in March and few other nude pictures of Jamie even earlier in February. However we only received the bulk on naked photos of  Jamie Ang in the past two or so weeks. Hopefully we will get the full set that banana picture belong to soon. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge

Video of Jamie Ang on her big FHM photo shoot:

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