Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Audrina Patridge Orange Bikini Candids In Cabo San Lucas

Here is Audrina Patridge doing what she does best showing off her body in abikini while on vacation on the beach in Cabo San Lucas. I hate to admit it but I like seeing Audrina Patridge wearing a tiny bikini. Even though she is an awful talentless human being who is famous despite the whole talentless thing. And even though the doctor fucked up her boob job. She would doubtingly be my favorite of the talentless skanks running around Hollywood these days, who are famous for nothing, if it wasn't for her gross boobs. Audrina cannot sing, she cannot act, cannot dance and she is not tall enough or symmetrical enough to be a fashion model but she still does look hot in a bikini. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Courtney Cox's Husband's Mistress Jasmine Waltz Is Topless

I had a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot more of this Megan Fox look alike and if those paparazzi pics yesterday weren't enough Jasmine Waltz for your hungry eyes, then check out these supposed Jasmine Waltz topless photos! They look real to me...the photos – the photos look real. The tits on her are fake as hell. The photos seen like screen caps from a video and she is an aspiring actress. So you know, it come as no surprise that this chick has shots of her titties floating around the net. Who is Jasmine Waltz you ask? Well, she is the woman who was having sex with David Arquette leading to the announcement of his divorce from Courtney Cox earlier this week. And I got to say this chick David Arquette is smooshing looks like Megan Fox. Yup, Courtney had no chance of keeping her husband with a sluttier slightly older version of Megan running around Hollywood. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Jasmine Waltz Sextape Intro and Blowjob

Jasmine Waltz Beach Bikini Pictures Are Hot

Here is Jasmine Waltz, the woman who made Courteney Cox's husband David Arquette 'feel manly," in a bikini on the beach in LA. The waitress and aspiring actress was thrust into the spotlight a few months ago after Arquette admitted during a live radio interview that he had affair with her. So of course she has to rubCourteney Cox's face in it now by showing off her hot bikini body. The same hot body that made Courteney Cox's husband 'feel manly' which I assume means she gave him erections. Because Courteney Cox is a 46-year-old woman who is still unaware on how to make a dude feel man. Sure the competition is a 28-year-old wannabe starlet without a gag reflex trying to fuck her way to the top in Hollywood but my point is Courteney had nearly two more decades than Jasmine to fix that problem. The gag reflex problem...
Along with these staged and not so 'candid' bikini pictures, the 
mistress is also breaking her silence about her romance with the David, revealing sex with the actor was "nothing exciting." She revealed that she had sex with him at least twice following his separation from Courteney. She also says their romps were "quick and painless." LOL... Anyway, Jasmine look hot in a bikini and even though David was wrong to cheat on his wife; I can understand his reasoning. The fact that Jasmine is a slutty Megan Fox look-a-like is very complying. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Jasmine Waltz Sextape Intro and Blowjob

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