Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Naked girl in the kitchen

Stephanie Seymour Topless Comeban In V Magazine Spring/Summer 2012

Source: www.eyeho.com

Here is Stephanie Seymour topless once again in all her glory this time in V Magazine Spring/Summer 2012. These is no doubt that 15 years ago Stephanie Seymour was among the top supermodels around. And as you can see, her boobs are still top rate and as lovely as back then. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Polly Parsons Sexy Lingerie Nuts Photos

Source: www.eyeho.com 

 Here is Polly Parsons wearing some sexy lingerie and looking so fucking fuckable you could lose your mind. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Naked ballet performances

Monday, February 27, 2012

She has a pair of very beutiful and huge tits.

Asian Girlfriend Before And After Shaving Her Pussy

Collection of very cute girls nipple close-up

As a corollary thread to the recent "Asses You'd Like to Lick" here's one called "Collection of very cute girls nipple close-up" and I'll open with one of my all-time favorite photos, a retro look at Debra Jo Fondren and her succulent puffies.

Vanessa Hudgens goes almost topless in public with a wardrobe malfunction at the beach

Here is Vanessa Hudgens has just a wardrobe malfunction suffered on a beach bikini ..... Vanessa Hudgens to reveal her breasts almost while vacationing in Hawaii yesterday with her ​​boyfriend Austin Butler. She showed off her gorgeous body in bikini colored and seemed to be a great moment in the water to be. But for some reason they had difficulty maintaining the bikini top. But unfortunately, it was faster and the paparazzi managed to their modesty, saves that day. Anyway, I'd be so crazy right now, if you are not familiar with big tits Vanessa. But how on earth could this photographer Guy has the ability to Vanessa Hudgens topless breasts start losing? Friend could have their mortgage paid off and buy a new BMW when it was a top paparazzi ... Vanessa has some topless pictures circulating on the Internet already, but these photos have to fight to save his modesty, almost.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rosie Jones Topless Candid Bikini Beach Photos

Source: http://www.eyeho.com/

 Here is Rosie Jones sunbathing topless on a beach in Miami.... Yes, Rosie Jones is topless in the great U.S.A. while on holiday on the other side of the pond away from her usual stamping ground. Rosie was spotted by the paparazzi baring her famous breasts in public. And she was surrounded by many other beach goers and a few lucky American guys got a free and very live UK glamour model 30F-cup titty show. So, we have seen this lovely British lady topless like a million times before in magazines and calenders but these are the first topless candid photos that I can recall. And to think she choose an American beach to put her amazing boobs on public display for the first time. A beach that is infested with the paparazzi this time of year just looking for famous Euro chicks with their tits out. LOL... Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

The Saturdays Singer Frankie Sandford's See-Through Panty Upskirt Pictures

Source: www.eyeho.com

 In other upskirt whoring news, yesterday must have been a big day for pervy photogs because Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays was at the same 21st birthday party for Rochelle Wiseman that Amelle Berrbah was and she also had an upskirt moment. Regrettably unlike Rochelle, Frankie had the good sense to wear panties. Albeit sheer ones but still she is wearing something. Anyway, Frankie Sandford decided that it was time for another one of her punani-flashing moments and naturally the paps being the full-blooded pervs that they are were there to capture the beautiful moment right on time. Frankie Sandford, or as I like to call her - Frankie Skankford contemplated for a moment (as you can see in the first picture) whether to flash her knickers and be accused once again of being a deliberate attention seeker. Realizing she had panties on (and jolly nice sheer black panties they were too) she went for it, but first making sure the photographers were in position and ready with their cameras. Hey! there is no point in flashing your panties if it doesn't gain you some cheap publicity you so desperately crave. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Aida Yespica Topless In Miami Candid Beach Pictures

Source: http://www.eyeho.com

Here is Venezuelan beauty queen, show girl and Italian television personality Aida Yespica bringing her international topless sexy to the beaches of Miami last week. So it is officially that time of the year again when chicks from Europe escape to Miami to show off their tits. Kicking things off this year is Aida Yespica, who was topless enjoying some fun in the sun and showing off her sexy ass in thong on the beach when the paparazzi snapped these candids. The South American show girl seems to have fully recovered from her pregnancy. Perhaps she has still have a few extra pounds (judging from the pics), but she still look gorgeous.

Anyway, according to many tabloids her relationship with Italian footballer Matteo Ferrari is on the rocks again, but the naturalized-Italian show girl, who became famous almost overnight on the Italian version of celebrity survivor, has denied these rumors. She told reporters that they did go through very difficult times, but that's over now. She added she loves him more than ever. But one thing we know for sure is that the former Miss Venezuela really love Miami judging from the way she is showing off her boobs there... and by her "I 'heart' Miami" hat. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.


Rainy Day Jordan Big Boobs Topless Bikini Candid Photos In Miami

Here is December's Playmate of the Month Rainy Day Jordan having a topless day at the beach in Miami. With a stripper stage name, Rainy Day Jordan, it's no wonder she is a Playboy Playmate. And to spice things up in Miami Beach she had no trouble dropping the bikini top. Those big fat boobs look fantastic on her.... You think they are real? I hope they are real but if not, the plastic surgeon did amazing work. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Selena Gomez Panty Upskirt Flash

Here is Selena Gomez unintentionally flashing the panty upskirt and some pubes in Malibu on Friday. Selena Gomez was playing with Justin Bieber's little brother and sister at Paradise Cove beach in Malibu when the paparazzi captured these candid images. You would think someone who has been in the spotlight as long as Selena Gomez would know how to avoid a major wardrobe malfunction. Yeah, they are calling this a wardrobe malfunction. Selena was wearing panties so these are not ecaxtly commando shots. But still her panties split over to one side and there is quite a bit of her neither regions showing. For the record, Selena is 19 year old, and is very mature for her age. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exposed naked sister is C cup breasts

Do you have someone ☆ hello?

Elsa Pataky Topless At The Beach Candid Photos

Here is Spanish actress Elsa Pataky showing off some serious tits at the beach for a phootshoot. These pics look like paparazzi candid shots of the shoot which were sold to a magazine. Sadly I had to use some of the scans from the mag to compete this set. But Elsa Pataky look so good topless I am sure no one will mind. Anyway, I think these pics are old... However I have never seen them before thus I am like seeing this chick's bare boobs for the first time so that is new enough for me. Enjoy!Click on pictures to enlarge.

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